A New Poker Experience


I have just released a new online poker game successfully.

Why did I bother to develop a poker site when there are already so many similar ones? That’s because I myself, more than anyone else, was not satisfied with those sites. In other words, I wanted to create a place to play for me.

To achieve this, I put a lot of effort into the program. The most important thing I focused on was the hand review where you can open all the cards. Don’t you want anyone to look into your cards? Don’t worry, I have taken care of that. Whoever looked into your cards will become unable to come across your previous name anymore. On this system, knowing someone’s past hands will never bring a direct advantage in later games.

I had always thought that not being able to see the opponents’ cards was a barrier to improving our play, and the biggest weakness of poker that no other board game has. I expect that it would be easier to learn poker deeply as more and more people play here.

I am glad if you had fun.